Well Water is Not Always as Safe as You Might Think

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Drinking water is often a carrier of many pollutants and pathogens that can be detrimental to your health. While public water supplies receive a number of treatments that are used to protect against these factors, wells are not given the same attention. So homeowners who are tapping into a well are responsible for their own water [...]

3 Methods of Testing your Water for Lead

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Lead in your water can be quite dangerous so you always need to be on the looking for it. There are a lot of health repercussions that come from water contaminated by lead. This is actually more common than you might think. Fortunately, there are several options at your disposal. #1: Find a Certified Lab The [...]

How to Effectively Test Your Home Water Supply

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Our body is two-thirds water, so it is the most important substance on the planet. All life as we know it requires water to live and thrive. Hopefully, you are drinking the right amount every day. The problem with today’s society is that our water has become contaminated. This is an issue that is somewhat being [...]

4 Essential Winter Well Maintenance Tips

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Maintenance on wells is important for those who are looking to avoid expensive breakdowns that happen at the most inopportune of times. So many Americans are dependent on well water and most costs occur because of wells breaking down during an inopportune time. The costs of emergency services are way higher than those associated with preventative [...]

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