8 Easy Ways to Improve Water Quality in Your Home

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Everybody wants to have the best water quality possible in their home, but many people don’t know how to fix water quality issues. In this article, we explore eight simple ways that you can up your water quality standards. 1) Check Your Plumbing This is especially important if you live in an older home. It is [...]

Installing a Water Purification System is Environmentally Friendly

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Beverage companies have spent millions on marketing their bottled water products. They tout them as the “purest and more pristine natural source” of water available. They market it as safer than tap water but how true is that? We can certainly ascertain that these companies have succeeded. Many people think that there is something wrong with [...]

Choosing the Best Water Softener

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Homes that contain hard water are quite easy to identify since they will have scaly deposits in the faucets and plumbing. This buildup will look similar to soap scum but it will take a lot of heavy scrubbing to remove it. Hard water makes soap less effective because it won’t lather correctly. In order to solve [...]

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