When to Replace Your Softener

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Water softeners are highly beneficial in that they remove excess minerals from your water supply, including calcium, iron, and magnesium. As with all appliances, however, they only last so long. There comes a point where electrical components fail, parts start to wear out, the cost of repairs is greater than the cost of replacement, or the [...]

Which Type of Water is Best for Pets? Part 2

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We previously discussed the 5 basic types of water, spring, well, tap, bottled, and distilled, and which one is best for your pet. Today we continue that discussion by looking at whether hard or soft water makes a difference for your pets overall health. All living things need water to stay alive. But is some water [...]

Is Well Water Safe for My Pets? Part 1

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There are five types of water: spring water, well water, tap water, bottled water and distilled water. We pull spring and well water from the earth’s naturally occurring aquifers, rain, and melting ice. Municipalities source tap water from rain water. Both bottled and distilled water are from various sources depending on the commercial bottling companies. So [...]

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