Water Filter Facts

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Why We Need Filters Water is naturally contaminated and acquires more contamination through normal human activity. Bottled water companies promise to have ‘pure, pristine’ water that is safer than tap water, there is a much better option for making sure your family is drinking the best water. That option is a water filter that can rid [...]

Well History: Exploring The Past

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The well plays an important part in human history. Read on to learn about how water well technology develops over time. Well History Origins Well history first starts around 8,000 years ago in China, Israel, and India. In India, the wells were known as step wells. This name is due to the steps leading down to [...]

What Is Saltwater Intrusion?

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A saltwater intrusion is the movement of water with a high saline content into freshwater sources. Read on to learn how this phenomena impacts well owners. Why Does Saltwater Intrusion Happen? Saltwater intrusion can be a natural phenomenon in coastal or low-lying areas such as those found in Florida. Sometimes the intrusion is limited to one [...]

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