The Desalination Process, Part Three: Further Considerations

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In part one of our series on desalination we gave a brief history of the process. In part two, we discussed the different methods of desalination. Part three discusses the implications of the process. Energy Consumption The energy needed for saltwater desalination is very high. The average energy you need for the process is about 3 [...]

The Desalination Process, Part Two: Your Options

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In our last article, we gave a general overview of what desalination is and a brief history of the process. In part two of our series on desalination, we will talk about the different desalination process options. Process of Desalination There are multiple processes of desalination.  Each process has its pros and cons.  Whichever process you [...]

The Desalination Process: Part One, What Is Desalination?

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The desalination process is when people remove the salt and minerals from saline water.  Desalination serves a very important role in human history and continues to play a role in Florida today. Read on to learn the basics of the desalination process. History of Desalination Desalination is not a new or modern concept.  In fact, historians [...]

Brackish Water

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Since Florida is a peninsula between a gulf and an ocean, the state has three major types of water at its disposal.  The three types of water are saltwater, freshwater, and brackish.  Most people know what saltwater and freshwater are.  In this article, we will discuss what brackish water is. What is Brackish Water? Brackish water [...]

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