Lead in your water can be quite dangerous so you always need to be on the looking for it. There are a lot of health repercussions that come from water contaminated by lead. This is actually more common than you might think. Fortunately, there are several options at your disposal.

#1: Find a Certified Lab

fresh waterThe best way of testing your home water supply for lead is to bring in a professional. You can search your state’s Department of Environmental Protection to find a certified lab for testing.

  1. Visit the EPA website and then choose your state from the menu.
  2. When you get the sample container, read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, then contact the lab.
  3. Always collect your sample first thing in the morning because your lines need to be stagnant for six hours. That means you cannot use the water for 6 hours before testing, which is why it’s better to do this test in the morning.
  4. Follow instructions for submitting your sample to the lab. You will either get the results by mail, or email depending on your request.

#2: Use a Home Testing Kit

You can purchase lead water testing kits from your local hardware store or at your favorite online shop. There are a lot of brands and types to choose from so be sure that the one you get tests for lead.

  1. Always collect your sample in the morning. Make sure that you take it first thing in the morning because the pipes need to be stagnant for at least 6 hours. Again, you can’t use any running water for at least 6 hours prior to the test. Collect a second sample at least two minutes after the initial one. The second sample is to show whether or not the header pipe is made of lead.
  2. Following the instructions, place the lead strip into the water sample and then wait for the recommended time. You will then check the strip against the chart that comes with the kit. Most its will give you results within 10 to 15 minutes.

#3: Let a Water Filtration Company Test your Water

There are actually a lot of free options here but you will have to dig around online.

  1. Contact the company by following their instructions and request a free water quality kit. You can also search the internet for a company that is near your location. When contacting, you will want to schedule a testing date.
  2. Another option is to visit a local retailer like Home Depot or Lowes and request an appointment. Then schedule a free water test using their website.
  3. Once you get your results, then you can talk to these companies about your options. Hiring a professional to install a home water filtration system will do wonders.

There are a lot of options available so make sure that you take advantage of them. Don’t risk your water being contaminated with lead. Schedule tests so that you can rest assured that your water is safe.