One of the biggest fears of any private well owner is the thought of their well ‘drying up’. If a well dries up, it is unable to supply a home with sufficient amounts of water. In reality, the likelihood of a well going dry is exceptionally low. Wells are designed to access aquifers deep below the surface of the Earth that can provide great quality water for many, many years. In some rare cases, however, wells can dry up and there are some key warning signs to watch out for.

Warning #1 – Low Pressure

Low water pressure is a very frustrating issue for any homeowner to deal with, whether you’ve got a private well or simply rely on a regular municipal system. A lack of pressure makes the simplest of tasks, like washing one’s hair, a lot more tiresome and time-consuming too. There are numerous possible causes of this issue, including a drying up well.

Warning #2 – Dirty Water

If the water from your well suddenly looks, smells, or tastes strange, the very first thing to do is contact the experts, stop drinking the water, and get a professional diagnosis. This may be caused by a weakening well supply, and the water being sucked up by your water pump might have higher amounts of sediment in it.

Warning #3 – A Very Active Pump

Do you notice that your well pump seems to be running more frequently than usual? When a well pump starts going into overdrive, turning itself on and off more often than usual or running for excessively long periods of time, this could be yet another sign that the water supply for your well is running a little dry and the pump is trying to compensate.

Warning #4 – Sluggish Performance

Well owners might sometimes encounter moments where their well supplies just seem to momentarily slow down or dry up. This issues is especially common during those peak water usage moments. For example, if you are doing multiple loads of laundry and running the dishwasher. This is a normal part of owning a well, but if the sluggish and slow performance seems to be repeating itself, the well might actually be drying up.

Warning #5 – Strange Faucet Behavior

When you turn on the faucets in your home, are they suddenly sputtering and spraying all around? This might also happen in your shower too. It’s usually a sign that air is getting trapped in the pipes and there might be a lack of water for your well pump to suck up. It can be a very frustrating issue to deal with, so it’s wise to seek help when you notice it.

It’s worth noting that all of the warning signs listed above could also be caused by several other issues. You well pump may be in need of maintenance or repairs for example, or a part of the well itself may have become damaged. You might even simply have a common plumbing issue like corroded or leaky pipes. Either way, getting in touch with trusted professionals is the best thing to do.