We all know how important it is to drink two liters of water a day. But how can we ensure that we get all the nutrients we need, rather than just chemicals? Tap water in the United States is not always the most regulated and cleanest in the world. Hence, more people are moving from drinking regular tab water to drinking filtered water. Filtered water removes all harmful chemicals and contaminants, giving you fresh, clean and clear drinking water. This is not the only advantage, as it is also more environmentally friendly than disposable drinking water from plastic bottles.


Experts use fluoride and chloride chemicals to clean pollutants from drinking water. However, humans cannot ingest these chemicals in large doses. Fortunately, many modern water systems do not contain large amounts. Nevertheless, there is potential for harm. By removing chlorine and other byproducts, filtered water can significantly reduce the risk of certain cancers, including rectal, bladder and colon cancers.

Drinking water contains not only chemicals, but also metals. If your drinking water is unfiltered, it increases aluminum levels in your body. Experts link aluminum to a range of health problems such as hyperactivity, skin problems, liver diseases and even Alzheimer’s disease. Filtered water not only minimizes these chemicals, but it reduces the risk of stomach disease by more than 33%.

Filtered Water For Home Or Workplace

In general, when experts often test and carefully regulate, there is rarely a harmful amounts of chemicals. However, if you want clean and clear drinking water, filtered water is a good option to try. It is environment friendly and it removes chemicals. Many people think that a filtered sparkling water cooler in the office is an unnecessary luxury, but there are several reasons why it is a healthy investment that has a positive impact on many parts of a company.

Increase Of Productivity

There is a link between dehydration and reduced brain capacity. According to a study by Weill Cornell Medical College’s Brain and Mind Research Institute, even mild dehydration can cause workers to fall asleep in the afternoon. Even fluid loss of less than 5 percent can decrease cognitive performance, response time and attention. You prevent dehydration when you install filtered water from a water tap in your office that provides employees with fresh and clean water during the day.

Fewer Illness Days

Studies also revealed that 35 percent of all stomach problems are water related. When employees report sick for stomach or abdominal problems, this is causing a reduction in productivity. In addition, employees can often feel stressed when they return to work with a greater workload, which in many cases can be prevented. It is recommended to reduce the risk of illness by purchasing the appropriate water filtration system at the office.

Environmental Friendly

Purchasing a water dispenser results in energy savings and reduction in unnecessary waste. Filtered water coolers are cost effective plus employees and customers will like to fill their reusable water bottles and glasses with sparkling water. Because we spend most of our time at work, it is important to extend our attitude towards a healthy environment to the work floor.

Work Culture Improvement

Studies show that workers can benefit from “water cooler talk”. Everyone needs time to relax during the workday, and when your employees pause to gather around a water cooler in the office, they can communicate with each other, which increases motivation and productivity. These meetings also often improve workplace culture by providing informal quality time with managers and provide opportunities to collaborate with employees from other departments.