When installing a new well, you’re likely to have any questions about this new fixture on your property. You may have already asked this question, maybe you’ve forgotten the answer – or perhaps you never knew, but it’s an important question – so how long do well pumps last? On average, you can expect about ten years, give or take, depending on how much you use it with a minimum level of care and upkeep. Of course, the sooner you notice problems and address them, the more often you perform diagnostics, and the more often you have your pump serviced, the longer it will last.

Start Strong

To make sure your well pumps last as long as they can, you’ll need to make informed decisions about your needs. For example, how much water do you expect to use? If you use more, your pump will run more often. If you use less, your pump won’t need to be quite so robust. On the other hand, how long will your well pump last if you get one for lower usage and you use quite a bit of water? Not very long!

Meanwhile, if you have a pump that’s too big for your needs, you’ve got more of a risk of introducing sediment and debris into your system that can damage internal components. This is one place where a professional opinion helps, and once you’ve got a good pump selected for your location and needs, make sure a professional installs it – they’ve got the tools needed to do it right.

Regular Maintenance

While most forms of maintenance will require a professional touch, there are a few things you can do yourself to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Make sure fittings are tight and secure, clean off debris such as leaves or cobwebs which can be pulled into cooling fans and impair their function – and be ready to take off the grate and oil up the fan every few months or so, specifically if it starts to squeak or rattle. You’ll want to do this for moving parts inside your various mechanisms as well, but you can get away with longer delays between lubrication here. Additionally, the gaskets and o-rings materials can crack or wear down over time – if they do and it breaks the seal, you’ll need a repair job. For small tasks like these, you can usually buy a proper replacement online and swap them out yourself.

You’ll also want to check anywhere there’s a seam, flange, or connection – any moisture there is a sure sign that there’s a leak. Particularly check the base of your fixture, as this can be the first spot that signs of a leak make themselves known.

Consider a Pressure Tank

There are numerous benefits to using a pressure tank. They increase the lifespan of your pump system significantly by reducing the run time of your pump to only when necessary. This is less often than usual, as it only pumps the amount needed to maintain the pressure settings of the tank, ensuring that it delivers water around your home at the proper flow rate. The less your pump has to run, generally speaking, the longer it will last.

The Bottom Line

On average, how often does a well pump last? Usually around ten years. With the proper service routine, maintenance, and support on its side, your pump could last much longer. Whether you already have a well pump or you’re looking to get started with the exciting world of home well water supplies, you can rely on American Pump Services to maintain and install your equipment. Call us today and let us know what questions you have concerning your well pump.