The process of installing a water well can seem like quite an overwhelming and intimidating one to many homeowners, and some people actually hesitate about getting a well installed as they worry about how long it will take to get everything set-up.

In many cases, homeowners simply lack knowledge and information on the well installation process, so we’re here to help. Read on to learn just how long installing a water well takes.

The First Step

The first thing to do is get in touch with a local, trusted contractor. Book yourself a consultation with them. An honest and hardworking contractor is truly the backbone of the installation process.

At this time, the contractor will head out and visit your property. They will look around and find the most ideal spot for the well to be drilled and installed.

This is also a great time to speak with your contractor about the ins and outs of well installation. They are experts in their field, with plenty of experience, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Depending on how busy your contractor is, you can often get a consultation appointment within a couple of days of making the initial phone call.

The Permits

After consulting with you, your drilling contractor will have to obtain the legal permits and official documentation required to drill a well on your property. The wait for the proper documentation varies, depending on where you live. However, it is unusual for it to take more than a week. In many cases, it can be done in just a day or two.

The Installation

The next step is the installation itself, and this is the part that many homeowners fear as they worry that it will take a long time, with workers needing to come back day after day to complete the process. In actual fact, most wells are installed in just a single day or two days at the most.

The process might seem complicated at first, but it’s not really all that time-consuming. The contractors drill down into the earth to reach the aquifer, insert the well casing for your well, install the well pump and other essential well components, and then seal the whole thing up.

The Final Step

Once your well is installed, you can’t quite use it straight away. It’s important to get the water tested for quality and safety. Testing is an essential part of the initial well installation process and should never be ignored or overlooked, for the sake of your family’s safety and health. Water testing is also done by your contractor and shouldn’t take longer than two days.

The Total Time

So, when we add up all of those individual time spans, we can see that a well can be installed and ready to provide your home with quality water in as little as a week and will rarely take any longer than two weeks.