Another pump that is often used to draw water out of a well is a surface pump.  In this article, we will discuss how to choose a surface well pump.

What is a Surface Well Pump?

As the name suggests, a surface well pump is a pump that draws water out of a well while sitting on the surface. A surface well pump should be installed in areas where there is a high water table, thus making the depth of the well relatively shallow.

How Does It Work?

As opposed to a submersible well pump which uses pressure to create water flow, a surface well pump creates suction forcing the water to discharge into the plumbing, water tank, and/or cistern.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of a surface well pump are as follows:

  • Easy access to maintain, repair or replace
  • Easy connection to multiple power sources

Disadvantages of a surface well pump are as follows:

  • Exposed to the elements therefore needs protections from hurricanes, floods, and/or frost.
  • Very noisy
  • Possible aesthetic issue

Types of Surface Well Pumps

There are two types of surface well pumps, which is an important distinction when you choose a surface well pump.

  1. Monocellular pumps. Typically installed for household uses only. These pumps require a suction strainer and can only be used for clear water.  Certain models of these pumps can be rather noisy.
  2. Multicellular pumps. Used for all types of water sources and may be installed for household, commercial, or industrial usage. These pumps are efficient, economical, and quitter than monocellular pumps but are more expensive to purchase.

What to Consider

The factors needed to take into consideration for a surface well pump are as follows:

  • Pressure. Pressure is an important factor in that you want to make sure that you have enough water pressure for all your watering needs.
  • Discharge Height. Discharge height is an important factor as you will want to make sure that the surface pump can draw up water to the necessary discharge points.
  • Flow. Flow is an important factor as you will want to make sure the rate at which the water is being drawn out of the well is sufficient for your needs.
  • Well Depth. Since the surface water pump will be sitting outside the well on the service, you will want to ensure that the water table is at a shallow enough depth to allow it to be drawn out, to begin with.
  • Water Type. The type of water you are using to the pump for, clear water, wastewater, or highly charged water, will determine the opening you will need for the pump.

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