How to Protect Above Ground Well Equipment

Homes that rely on a private well water system need to be aware of how to protect that system. One of the most vital pieces of equipment is your well pump. In most cases, the pump will work so well that you don’t spare it a second thought. After all, if your home is getting all the water it needs, what’s the problem? One of the problems is the risk of problems that you can prevent. The weather, the elements, pests and insects, and more can damage your system. While many pumps are submersible and sit inside the well, many others are above ground.

Above ground pumps are tall metal structures that rise above the ground up to a few feet. This equipment is vulnerable to pest infestation and damage from natural causes. So what can you do to protect your well pump? There are many options, and one of the most common and significant options is a well pump covering. Some homeowners opt for these to hide the visible piping, but let’s talk about the protection they offer.

What Are Well Pump Covers?

Your well pump, pressure tanks, electronics, and other equipment may be above ground. They may be close to your pump. Some homeowners can consider this equipment unsightly. They use structures called well pump covers to shelter and hide the equipment. These can be aesthetic or functional. Some well pump covers resemble large rocks, while others are clear shed-like structures.

These coverings enclose your well pump. This protects it from pests and the elements. You might not believe it, but Florida’s ants can cause serious problems for well pumps over time.

What are the Main Types of Well Pump Cover?

If you’ve decided to buy and install a well pump cover for your above-ground pump, you have things to think about. First, you can buy a wide and diverse range of pump covers. Think about things like cost and maintenance first. How often will you have to clean or repair moving parts or latches? Is it within your budget? The accessibility of the covering is also important, as you need to care for your pump like normal. Finally, once you establish your needs in these three areas, you can worry about aesthetics.

The two most common pump coverings are rock covers and enclosed buildings.

Rock Covers for a Above Ground Well

Many people prefer these for many reasons. They are easy to install, secure, and relatively hands-off. They also tend to be inexpensive. Though they may look and feel like an actual stone, they’re made of lightweight materials. This makes them very easy to move, which is good because you should clean and inspect them often.

Enclosed Buildings

Pump houses are more weather resistant than rock and boulder covers. They offer your pump resistance to moisture and can even regulate the temperature. These also tend to muffle the noise of operation. These are very customizable and can fit any home decor style. These are available in prebuilt or build-at-home kits.

Whatever style you decide, a well pump cover will help your equipment last longer. Though your equipment has new protection, it isn’t invincible. Structures attract structure-dwelling creatures like mice and spiders. You will have to clean and secure your pump cover. If you decide to install one, give us a call and ask for advice about your specific equipment.