In Florida, we have to contend with hurricane season. We are especially susceptible to tropical depressions, tropical Storms, and hurricanes.  Just one bad storm can have a negative impact on your well system. However, due to climate change, we are seeing more active hurricane seasons every year.  Below are some tips to be aware of as part of your hurricane preparedness for your home.

Calm Before the Storm

Fortunately, there is not much a well owner has to do before the storm other than some basic precautions.

Wellhead and Pump

If your wellhead and/or pump are outside or exposed, then you should take some time to secure your equipment and protect it from flying debris.

Electrical Components

In the likely event that you lose power during a hurricane, you must turn off the pump at the circuit breaker.  This will ensure that any power surges the might result afterward will not damage the pump’s electrical components.  It is also recommended to have a surge protector connected to your pump.  If you do not have one already, then it is recommended to get one before the landfall of a hurricane.

Collect Water in Bathtubs and Containers

Collecting water in bathtubs and containers is something any person should be doing while preparing for a hurricane.  If power is lost, this water will be used to flush toilets and lightly bathe oneself.

After the Storm

If it is safe to do so, you are going to want to inspect your property for any damage.  You should inspect your well pump before restoring power to it to ensure it is not damaged.  Restoring power to a damaged pump can destroy the system.

Damage to the System

If you noticed that your pump or wellhead has been damaged in the storm, do not restore power.  Call an expert technician to come out to your property to access that damage and see what repair, if any is needed.

Call Us

Either before or after the storm, give us a call.  If it is before the storm, we will do our best to advise you on how to secure your wellhead and pump equipment.  If it is after the storm, we will come out as soon as possible to help you determine what damage, if any occurred and the best course of action to take.