Hydrofracturing is also known as hydrofracking. The process is designed to a possibility to increase the output for wells. But what does the process consist of exactly? This week we are delving into the world of hydrofracturing. Read on to learn all about this innovative process and how it can help private well owners.

Hydrofracturing Defined

As we stated earlier, hydrofracturing is a innovative process that is designed to help improve water flow from struggling wells. Usually, it is applied to wells who have always produced a low yield.

Essentially, hydrofracking is when well contractors use high-power streams of water to open up the bedrock around the well. The additional fissures and fractures it creates increase water flow to the well. Contractors use this process both on new wells that need more assistance than expected as well as older wells who yields have slowed to a trickle.

The process originated to assist with natural gas and oil drilling. However, contractors quickly adapted the fracking to the water well industry. It is a unique and careful procedure that only a professional can undertake. Homeowners struggling with inconsistent or overall low waterflow to their homes cannot hydrofracture their own well.

Step-By-Step Process


  • Packers (hard, inflatable rubber sleeves that fit down the well)
  • Private water well professional with hydrofracturing experience
  • High-pressure water jets


The first step is to remove everything from the inside of the well. Materials such as smaller pipes, wires, and even the pump must be out.

Then, the contractors must lower hard rubber packers down the well shaft. The packers are also called sleeves or balloons. Contractors then inflate the sleeve so that it expands to the width of the well shaft and seals it off.

The jets blast water against the bedrock in order to expand the well’s reach. The aggressive water creates additional fissures in the wall of the well. additional cracks in the rock allow any water stored there to flow more freely. Thus, the yield of the well increases.

Hydrofracturing is a process that contractors can only undertake if the well is a certain distance from any structures. There is a distinct Possibility that hydrofracturing can damage or waken the ground under a house. If it weakens the area under the foundation too much, the house incurs structural damage.

When Can Homeowners Use Hydrofracturing?

Contractors use hydrofracturing when homeowners are concerned about the yield of their well. Some contractors use the hydrofracking process when they construct a new well. However, contractors also use it for a private well that has a low or declining water flow. Hydrofracturing is not for wells that pulled directly from aquifers. Instead, it is for wells who source their water from the water moving through cracks in bedrock.