So you’re considering getting a residential water well? Maybe thinking about upgrading your current system with a stronger pump? A deeper well? In any of these cases, it’s vital to plan ahead. Homeowners must arm themselves with as much information as possible in order to make the smartest decision for your household. Let’s take a look at some of the top things to consider when installing a new well or water pump.

Average Water Usage

Your water well is designed to provide yourself and the other members of your household with all the water you could possibly need in a single given day. Therefore, investing in an insufficient water pump or a well that just doesn’t offer enough water to cope with your household’s needs could be a real disaster.

So what do we know about typical water usage? On average, according to the latest statistics, a typical American will use between 80 and 100 gallons of water on a daily basis. The worst culprits of water usage are showers and toilets. Some old shower models can use up to 5 gallons of water each and every minute, so if a member of your household likes long showers, they can be using up enormous amounts of water each day.

Your Usage

Of course, your household might not fit right into the same bracket as the national average. Maybe your family is particularly effective at saving water, using smart techniques like taking short showers, not leaving the faucets turned on when they aren’t in use, and practicing other sensible, water-saving measures to help the planet and cut down your own costs.

On the other hand, maybe your household uses more water than the national average. Perhaps you have family members who take long showers and have some bad habits, like leaving water running while brushing their teeth. It’s also worth thinking about the different appliances in your home that might affect water usage like washing machines and dishwashers.

How Does This Affect Your Well And Water Pump?

So how does your typical water usage affect the well you install and the water pump you choose? The higher a home’s water usage, the more strain it places on the well. You might need a deeper well, for example, in order to have a large enough water supply to cope with those peak usage hours, like early in the morning when everyone takes showers and brushes their teeth.

Deeper wells usually provide more reliable and large supplies of water, but the water pump you choose to install can make a difference too. Some water pumps are able to provide stronger flow rates, able to suck higher volumes of water up and into your home to cope with your family’s needs. The best tip to follow when installing a water pump or well is to consult with the professionals and see what advice they have to offer.