There are five types of water: spring water, well water, tap water, bottled water and distilled water. We pull spring and well water from the earth’s naturally occurring aquifers, rain, and melting ice. Municipalities source tap water from rain water. Both bottled and distilled water are from various sources depending on the commercial bottling companies. So which of these options is the best option for your pets?

Which Are Good? Which Are Bad?

Most people consider spring and well water the most natural water sources. Municipal plants treat tap water with fluoride and other chemicals. Additionally, they filter the water. Corporations filter the water and remove impurities with chemical processes. Finally, companies make distilled water by boiling regular water and capturing the steam under pressure into sterile containers. Unfortunately, removing the impurities also removes important electrolytes and minerals.

So Which Type of Water is Best for Your Pets?

You would be surprised to learn that this is actually quite a controversial question.

Many people consider spring water the most natural of all water sources. But just because it is natural does not mean it is safe to drink.

There are many contaminants in spring water, from natural minerals to bacteria. As animals defecate upstream, the water carries their waste downstream where is settles in springs. This runoff adds harmful bacteria as well as potential diseases into the water.

Well water is from the earth’s aquifer and as such has a natural filter. However, it still is not always safe to drink it. There are still quite a few contaminants that can be found in well water if not properly treated.

Distilled Water

If you do a basic Google search for giving your pet distilled water to drink, you will find many conflicting articles about the benefits and hazards of distilled water. These articles will alternatively claim that distilled water can cure or cause urinary tract infections, heart disease, kidney stones, and even tear stains. Speaking with a veterinarian has suggested that distilled water is generally not safe for pets. There are many vital electrolytes and minerals that pets get from water that are just not in commercially available pet foods. As distilled water removes these nutrients, it is best to avoid it.

So What’s The Final Say?

As it turns out, the safest option for your pet is any water that is considered safe for human consumption. If you would not drink it yourself, do not give it to your pet. Drinking regular water is not only important for proper hydration but is also a source for these necessary minerals and electrolytes that your pet might not get if he/she is a finicky eater. Remember to always provide plenty of fresh, clean drinking water for your pets on a daily basis, the same water that you drink.