One type of well pump is the jet pump. The jet pump is a pump-jet, hydro jet, or water jet system that produces a jet of water.  Although a jet pump may have versatile uses such as being used on jet skies for propulsion to helping remove water that has flooded a room or a boat. In this article, we will discuss how jet pumps work in a shallow well system.

How Shallow Jet Pumps Work

A jet pump is comprised of two main parts.  Both parts rely on the other to make the system work.  The first part is the centrifugal component.  The second part is the jet assembly otherwise known as the injector.  The centrifugal component essentially operates the injector while the injector controls the pump pressure and water discharge.

What You Should Do Before Buying

Although the professionals at American Pump Services have a variety of pumps available for purchase, there is some consideration the buyer should make before committing to the pump for their system.  We will do our best to provide you with all the information so you may make an informed decision.


Not all pumps are created equal. When buying a pump, you will want to make sure that it can service your home needs.  For example, if you purchase a jet pump meant for commercial use or a multi-family building, then your pump will be too powerful and may draw up sediment and cause you to have higher electric bills.


The purchasing of a pump is not something that should break the bank. If you have a strict budget for the system, then it is important to purchase a pump that will service your home needs.  This does not mean you should purchase the cheapest product on the market, as it may not be of the highest quality.  At the same time, the most expensive units on the market do not necessarily mean better quality either.  You will want to find a pump that will pay for itself over the years by meeting your household needs.


With anything you purchase, you should research the product. It is important to understand the features of the pump and make sure it will do everything you need it to do.  Although American Pump Services can answer your questions and concerns with all the products we sell and endorse, you might want to consider reading verified reviews from legitimate websites along with consumer report articles if any are available.

Comparison Shop

Once you have established what features you want or need, determined your budget, and done your research then you should comparison shop. Different companies may be offering rebates that you may be able to take advantage of.

Installing Shallow Jet Pumps

Although it is recommended that you hire a professional, such as the trained licensed professionals at American Pump Services, a person can install the jet pump themselves.  As mentioned already, the jet pump is comprised of two components.  The most basic installation would involve connecting the pump to the piping that the water is moved through.  The pump must be primed before being used.

How To Prime A Pump

Priming a pump is a very simple process.  After the pump has been installed into the well, pour about a half-gallon of water into the priming plug.  Allow the water to flow through the whole piping structure.  Discharge the primed water from the water tank.  Some pump models will self prime the system for you.

Call A Professional

Although the purchase and installation of a jet pump may seem like a simple process, many things can go wrong.  It is always advisable to hire a professional who will guarantee their work and be able to service the pump if any problems arise.  Contact American Pump Services for our professional services.