Water is the life source for all of us, so it’s essential that you make sure it is flowing safely and freely from the tap. While the majority of homes have access to public drinking water, some of us are completely reliant on well water to sustain us. Using our ever diligent thirst for knowledge, let’s look at some of the ways that we can make sure our well is in top shape.

The first thing that you have to understand is well water is not always more pure than public drinking water, no matter what other people might tell you. It can contain a number of hazards, including pathogens. You still have to regularly test it if you want to guarantee the health of your family.

Find a reputable well service company who can help you maintain and test your system on an annual basis. Plus, you want someone you can contact immediately when something goes wrong.

Common Well Pump Problems

The pump is the heart of the entire well system, essentially pumping water through the pipes and supplying every faucet. So if the pump is problematic, then you are going to run into a wide range of problems. It should have tests done regularly that include :

  • Flow testing – To show if the pump end is working to its peak efficiency
  • Electric tests- These tests will include testing for running Amps, running Voltage, and the Resistance of the motor. All very important tests to determine the condition and life expectancy of the motor

Low/No Water Pressure

If you experience a significant drop in water pressure, then you either have a pump problem, a major leak in your pipes, or clogging. Itpure water isnt common but sometimes wells do run dry for a variety of reasons. This is more common with shallow wells, but can happen with any well and you should always have these types of issues diagnosed by a well service proffessional.

Intermittent Cycling

If the well pump is intermittently turning on and off, then the problem might be found in the pressure switch. This is an area where you will need to call in a professional to help you address the problem. Trying to do this yourself can be risky and it could lead to other serious issues if done incorrectly.

Short Cycling

This is when a pump turns on and off without getting up to the proper preset pressures. It is usually caused by a leaking/ or water logged pressure tank. This is a common issue and is best handled by a professional who can make sure the tank is sized correctly for you system and once installed the system is tuned accordingly.

Prevention is Essential

As with all technology around your home, preventative maintenance is essential to ensuring problems don’t pop up at the most inopportune of times. Furthermore, when you are purchasing a new home, then be sure to inspect the pump thoroughly. I recommend you bring in a professional to do this. The well is not exactly an area many people consider inspecting but major problems can be quite costly if it has not been maintained properly.

Annual inspections are recommended for all well-owners, including testing of the system and the water supply. Not only might the pump be faulty, but well-water can also be contaminated with a number of pathogens. It’s not treated according to EPA guidelines so it’s important that you take matters into your own hands.