A question that we often get is whether water wells can run out of water. The short answer is yes. When this happens, it is referred to as “running dry”. In this article, we will discuss what it means for a well to be “running dry” and your options to resolve the issue.

What Does “Run Dry” Mean?

As mentioned already, when a water well “runs dry” or is “running dry”, it means it is no longer pumping water to the surface.  There could be multiple reasons for this.

How Can I Tell if My Well is “Running Dry”?

The signs that a well is “running dry” are similar to the signs of low water pressure.  Those signs are as follows:

  • Change in Taste
  • Change in Color
  • Air Spurting Out of the Faucet

Change in Taste

If you notice that a sudden taste in water, this is the most common signal that something is wrong.  Although a change of water taste does not necessarily signify the well is “running dry”, it is an indicator that something is amiss and is a common symptom of a dry well.

Change in Color

Another sign of a well “running dry” is if the water starts coming out murky or muddy.  Once again, this is an obvious sign that there is something seriously wrong with your well.  Like taste, it does not necessarily mean the well has “run dry”, it is a symptom and indicator.

Air Spurting Out of the Faucet

Another sign that a well is “running dry” is if the tap starts spurting out air or alternates between air and water.  Once again, this is a sign or a problem with your well and another symptom of a dry well.

What is the Cause of a Dry Well?

There could be multiple reasons for a well to “run dry” or at least give indicators of a dry well.  Some common problems are as follows:

  • Loss of Power
  • Leak in Pipes
  • Loss of Water Source

Loss of Power

If there is a wiring shortage or a blown fuse to any parts of the well system, then it would cause the well to improperly pump.  This could cause all the symptoms of a dry well.  By restoring the power loss, will resolve most of the problems.

Leaks in Pipes

A leak in the pipes servicing your well structure can also cause the problems associated with a dry well.  By locating the leaking pipe and fixing it, will resolve the issues as well.

Loss of Water Source

If the aquifer runs dry, then this is a bigger problem that might not be resolved overnight.  A dry aquifer means that the water source has not been properly recharged and that the resources are being strained.  A possible solution is to place the pump deeper into the ground to draw water from deeper within the water table.

How Can I Prevent A Well From “Running Dry”?

The surest way to prevent a well from “running dry” is to practice water conservation.  This will ensure that the water source is given a chance to recharge.  Another way to prevent a dry well is to perform regular maintenance to ensure that the well is not filling up with sediment or rocks.  Lastly, running tests on the water levels and deepening or enlarging the well, if needed, can also prevent a well from “running dry”.  Contact the expert professionals at American Pump Services and we will be happy to inspect and advise you on the best course of action.