When to Replace Your Softener

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Water softeners are highly beneficial in that they remove excess minerals from your water supply, including calcium, iron, and magnesium. As with all appliances, however, they only last so long. There comes a point where electrical components fail, parts start to wear out, the cost of repairs is greater than the cost of replacement, or the [...]

Water Conditioners, An Introduction

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Water conditioners are an important part of the water system in any home. However, in homes that rely on wells, conditioners are absolutely essential. People who use municipal water lines receive their water with conditioning done already. Any conditioners that they have only adjust the water to their exact taste. Homeowners who get their water from [...]

Water Softeners Vs. Water Conditioners

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Plenty of people have heard the phrase “water softener” but most homeowners don’t know what a water softener actually does. Even less people are knowledgeable about water conditioners as a whole. No need to worry though – we’re here to help homeowners distinguish between the types of water processing systems. This week we break down the [...]

Common Questions And Answers About Water Softeners

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If you own a private residential well, you might have heard about water softeners and wondered whether or not you should go ahead and get one fitted on your own system. Statistics show that hard water affects a lot of households all around the United States. Well owners in particular can experience issues, and water softeners [...]

Choosing the Best Water Softener

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Homes that contain hard water are quite easy to identify since they will have scaly deposits in the faucets and plumbing. This buildup will look similar to soap scum but it will take a lot of heavy scrubbing to remove it. Hard water makes soap less effective because it won’t lather correctly. In order to solve [...]

Hard Water Can Affect Your Skin

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You probably know that hard water can cause your pipes to clog and can leave your clothing stained. Did you know that it can negatively affect your skin? Hard water is loaded with minerals that will not only clog your pipes, but can actually clog the pores in your skin. Prolonged exposure can lead to dermatitis, acne, [...]

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