Common Questions And Answers About Water Softeners

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If you own a private residential well, you might have heard about water softeners and wondered whether or not you should go ahead and get one fitted on your own system. Statistics show that hard water affects a lot of households all around the United States. Well owners in particular can experience issues, and water softeners [...]

5 Common Household Problems From Hard Water

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More than 8 out of every 10 American households are plagued by hard water – water than contains dissolved minerals like calcium and iron. These are not unhealthy but they can lead to other expensive household problems. Hard water can damage plumbing by leaving behind scaly deposits. It can also stain your dishes and clothing. In [...]

Residential Water Softener Buying Guide

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Water softeners will solve most hard water issues, a common problem with well water where minerals find their way into a home’s water supply. If you are finding that soap and shampoo is not lathering well or that your dishes have spots, then your home might have a hard water problem. These natural minerals do not [...]

What Separates Residential Water Softeners from One Another?

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The answer to this question is basically size and features, both of which are the defining factors of residential water softeners. Let’s take a closer look at these two important factors. Residential Water Softener Size When you are buying or leasing a new residential water softener, then choosing one that is the correct size is probably [...]

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