Is Well Water Safe for My Pets? Part 1

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There are five types of water: spring water, well water, tap water, bottled water and distilled water. We pull spring and well water from the earth’s naturally occurring aquifers, rain, and melting ice. Municipalities source tap water from rain water. Both bottled and distilled water are from various sources depending on the commercial bottling companies. So [...]

Busting The Most Common Well Water Myths

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There are a lot of myths and falsehoods associated with private water well systems. In fact, many people actually hesitate about getting their own private well pump system. Sometimes, it even prevents people from moving to an area where they might need their own well. Fortunately, we're here to help bust some of the most common [...]

When To Get Your Well Water Tested

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If you source your water from your own private well, you are responsible for water quality and cleanliness. Well owners need to be ready to take on this responsibility. It is best that they have the number of trusted well experts to call out for testing, repairs, and maintenance. If you start to see any of [...]

Well Water: Pros & Cons

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In Florida, we are lucky enough to be able to rely on well water because of our natural aquifers. Yet there are ongoing debates about how much a private well may benefit someone.  This week, we are exploring the advantages and disadvantages of private wells. Well Water Vs. Public Water People have to pay for water [...]

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