One reason many people install a private water well on their property is to avoid any municipal interruptions of service. On the rare occasion when a homeowner stops getting water from their well, this can cause a sudden panic. In this article, we will discuss troubleshooting well issues in the case that you lose water.

No Water Flowing

If there is no water flowing when a faucet is turned on, this might be a simple fix.  Before calling a technician in, a well owner should check the power source for the well. If there is no power going to the water well system, then it is important to check to make sure all of the components are properly connected to the circuit breaker.  The cause might be something as simple as replacing a fuse or fixing a loose wire.  If there is power going to the water well system, then the issue may be a bigger problem. The issues might indicate a malfunction with the submersible pump.

Concerns About Water Pressure

Another common problem associated with private water wells is a sudden drop in water pressure.  Although a drop in water pressure may be indicative of a malfunctioning pump or the well running dry, there are some simple ways a person can check to see what is causing the problem.

The first thing a well owner should do is check the pressure tank.  If the gauge of the tank is set to low, such as below 40 psi, then increasing the pressure should resolve the issue.  If, after increasing the pressure the water flow is still low, then this can be indicative of a leak somewhere.

Another test to perform is to run two faucets at the same time.  If the water pressure issue only occurs when multiple faucets are running, then a constant pressure system should be installed.  A constant pressure system monitors the usage of water.  As multiple faucets or appliances are being used, then it will provide more pressure by increasing the speed of the pump to draw up more water.  If a constant pressure system is already installed, then there might be a function with the system that can be repaired.

Running Dry

In our previous article, we discussed what it means for a well to run dry.  If the private water well is running dry, this is indicative of a major problem.  Unfortunately, this is not a problem that can be fixed by an untrained professional.

If the well is running dry, then the pump will need to be checked.  If there is a malfunction with the pump, it will need to be repaired or replaced.  In some cases, the pump might need to be lowered to get better access to the water.  In other situations, the well screen will need to be cleared from any blockages preventing water flow.  Lastly, in severe cases, the well needs to be increased into greater depths or decommissioned completely in favor of a new well with better access to the aquifer.

After Troubleshooting At Home

If, after troubleshooting at home, you are still experiencing problems with your private water well, you should contact a trained licensed professional. Contact American Pump Services and we will send one of the technicians to investigate the problem and offer an economical solution.