If you ever look to your sink and saw unsightly reddish brown stains, you need iron stain fixes. Iron and water can lead to unsightly stains in the bathroom and kitchen. Home owners and businessmen alike try their best to prevent these ugly stains. However, the stains can also say a lot about your water quality. In this article, we will look at how iron stains are created and how you can remove them.

Iron stains are not isolated to the porcelain of your sink or bathtub. The stains can happen in your toilet, on your faucet, or in your washing machine. They can even happen in your clothes.  Anywhere water drips can cause an iron stain. These simple iron stain fixes can help you remedy the problem.

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What Causes Iron Stains 

Before you can remove iron stains it may be helpful to understand where they come from. While the stains may look like rust, they are most likely caused by extra iron in your water. Just from looking at the stains it may be difficult to determine what is actually causing it. Hard water and rust stains can look similar to iron stains.

In order to determine the exact issue a water test should be completed. A water test can read the impurities in your water. Similar to a blood test, a water test can list all the minerals and components of your tap water. An expert water technician can inform you of elevated levels of iron or mineral deposits. This article describes the process iron takes as it enters your home. While it may be clear at first, once the iron is exposed to air it oxidizes and discolors.

With this in mind, a technician can also provide a personalized solution. Your home or business may need a new water system or water softener. This equipment works to remove any impurities found and your water supply, including iron. In other words, if there are no iron deposits there are no iron stains.

Iron Stain Fixes

However, many times you won’t know you have an iron problem until you have iron stains.  Iron stains can be difficult to remove. Similar to hard water and rust stains, iron stains can be very persistent. Here are three iron stain fixes to help your surfaces or clothing get back to sparkling clean.

  1. Cleaning Vinegar

According to this article, cleaning vinegar can be very helpful and removing Iron stains. This iron stain fix may take several applications before the spots are completely removed.  You can also expect an arm workout as you scrub at the stains with each application. Cleaning vinegar is typically safe to use around pets and on clothing.

  1. Lemon Juice

Acidity has something to do with mineral an iron removal. As iron stain fixes, lemons’ acidity work to dissolve these ugly stains. Similar to cleaning vinegar, lemon juice may take a good soaking or several applications before the stains are gone. However, both options are safe to use on many different surfaces. They are also generally safe to use on clothing or in dishwashers.

  1. Store Bought Cleaner

Finally, there are the store-bought cleaners. These cleaners are some of the best iron stain fixes. After all, that’s the main reason they’re there. In one or two applications, the stains could be gone. While store-bought cleaners provide the best cleaning power, they also come with harsh chemicals. It is important to make sure you read the label of any mineral removing cleaner prior to use.

Water systems are the best way to prevent iron deposits from forming. Contact us today for more information on a system for you.