In many of our articles, we often allude to the importance of regular water testing for a private well. Many homeowners still do not understand well water testing importance. In this article, we hope to show you well water testing importance and how water testing helps you.

Who Is Responsible For Testing The Water In A Private Well?

The responsibility of testing the water in a private water well will fall to the owner of the well. Unlike municipal water, there is no obligation on the owner of a private well to test the water. If the owner of private water well wants to make sure that their well water is safe for consumption they will need to either test the water themselves through a kit or hire a professional to test the water for them.

What Does The Environmental Protection Agency Suggest?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that private water wells should be tested at minimum, once a year and preferably in the spring due to temperature changes.  Many scientists, however, suggest that those truly concerned about their well water, test at least twice a year or after extreme weather changes.

What Should I Test For In The Water?

At a minimum, test performed on private water wells should look for three things:

Total Coliform Bacteria

Total coliform bacteria is in that soil and the digestive tract of animals. Although the consumption of this bacteria might not make a person sick, high quantities of total coliform bacteria are indictive that there are other harmful bacteria, microbes, parasites, and/or viruses in the water.


Are a natural substance found in many of the foods we eat. Like anything of excess, if a person were to consume or ingest a high level of nitrates, this can lead to serious health problems.  A high level of nitrate in well water is indictive of animal or human waster or decaying vegetation contaminating the water source.

pH Level

Is how water is tested to determine how acidic or basic the water is. If the pH levels are too extreme at either end, it will change the taste, smell, and look of the water.  Although not necessarily harmful for consumption, water that is either too acidic or basic can corrode pipes and cause plumbing issues.

Can I Test The Water Myself?

Many companies, including American Pump Services, sell testing kits that you can purchase.  These kits will allow you to collect a water sample and send it to a laboratory for testing.  On the other hand, if you hire a professional, not only will they test for total coliform, nitrates, and pH levels, but other types of contamination as well.  They can help you diagnose the problem and offer solutions.  Lastly, many companies will offer routine maintenance as part of the testing process. Call American Pump Services today to set up your water test.