Many private well owners never have to replace their pumps. However, any well owner needs to have an idea of their well pump life-span. This is especially true for people who buy a property with an existing working private well and may want to prepare for any future expenses. This article is to provide some information about the expectations of a well pump life-span.

What Is A Well Pump Life-Span?

You can learn more about well pumps in our previous article.  A well pump is a mechanism that draws water from a source into a home or building for use.  When a licensed, trained professional installs a well pump, the life-span should last on average between 8 to 10 years. As technology advances have led to better designs of water pumps, some newer models can last 15 years or more.

Know What Kind Of Pump You Have

As we have discussed before in a previous article, there are three main pumps used for private well systems.

  1. Jet Pumps. Are a common pump and can be used for both shallow or deep wells.
  2. Centrifugal Pumps. Are pumps that is used for shallow wells.
  3. Submersible Pumps. Are the most common pumps used. They are installed inside a well and are only used when needed.

What If A New Pump Is Not Working Properly?

If you have a well pump that is well under 8 years old and it does not seem to be working properly, there might be a few factors for the cause.  The most common issue is that the water usage has increased significantly and the pump is too small to handle the new load.  This usually happens when people have added to their existing homes such as adding an extra bathroom, installing a dishwasher, or using a larger washing machine.  These additions or appliances will increase the water usage of the family and put a strain on a pump that is too small to handle it.

Another reason for a newish well pump to not work properly might be the power source.  Well pumps need to have adequate power to properly function.  If there is a problem with the power source, this will cause the water pump to work at a diminished capacity.


If you have a newer pump, that does not seem to be up to the task, call American Pump Services. Our trained professionals will come out to your property to check your water pump and determine what the problem is.  If the water pump needs to be replaced, we will discuss what options are best for your home usage and budget.