Owning a private water well for home use has become increasingly popular due to the technological advancements. Those advancements have increased the life expectancy of the well and the cost savings expected from not utilizing municipal water. If the water well yield, however, is not up to par, then a person will get little to no enjoyment in the use of their private well. In this article, we explain what water well yield is and why it is important.

What Is Water Yield?

With the increasing threat of climate change, it is possible that in the near future, Florida might experience unusual drought conditions, especially in the fall and winter months.  Droughts have a severe negative impact on water sources.  As a result, it is important to know the water yield of your private well.

The water yield is the level that tells you how much water your well can produce, without interruption, for you and your family. This number has to hold up, even in a drought. The yield should be included with the log material that was created when the well was drilled.  Additionally, when purchasing or selling a home with a private well, it is required to have that documentation available for any potential buyers to inspect.

How To Determine Your Yield

Water yield should be determined after drilling for a new well is completed. It is determined by pumping water from the well and determining the amount of time it takes for the well to be recharged.  During this process, a drawdown is taken.  A drawdown is the measurement of water being pumped out and the amount the water level has dropped.  When a balance is determined i.e. when the drawdown remains consistent during recharging, this is the water yield for the well.

The drawdown test also helps well-drillers determine the best place to install the submersible pump.  The submersible pump should be placed in the well at a distance that has plenty of water above it.  This will ensure that the pump will continue to draw water during drought conditions.

Can A Test Be Performed If the Drill Log Has Been Lost or Misplaced?

Yes, a yield test can be performed after a well has been drilled.  The ideal time to complete a yield test is after drilling but before connecting the well to any plumbing.  If the well is an existing one that is already connected to plumbing, then a test will be done that continuously runs the pump into your home while the discharge is measured.

Water Yield Minimum Requirements

Many local governments or agencies that approve the private well installation in a home may require the well to meet a minimum water yield standard as part of the approval process.

Can You Increase Yield?

In some cases, the well depth might be increased to allow for greater access to underground water sources.

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