There are a lot of sounds in our homes that we tend to take for granted and ignore. The hum of the refrigerator as it cycles cool air into itself, the sound of creaks and groans from the foundation settling, air moving through one vent or another. However, one sound you may want to pay a little more attention to is the click of your pressure switch. You should hear it twice: once when your water pump turns on and once when it shuts off. Hopefully, only when you’re running water. If you’re walking around in the buzz of your home and happen to hear the click regularly, though, you might have problems. What could be keeping your well pump continuously running? Let’s go over some common causes and their solutions.

It Could Be an Appliance

The home should be the first place you look for any problems. For example, a leaky faucet can drip steadily, pulling water constantly. A pipe could do the same. One of the most common drains, though, can be your toilet fixtures. If you have the standard gravity flush toilet with the tank in the back the valve, or flapper, that allows water to leave the tank may have a broken seal. This causes the water level in the tank to drop constantly, so it needs constant refilling, which means your well will be under continuous stress. A plumber can often resolve issues like these with simple repairs. If you can’t determine any issues from appliances, keep up the search.

Check Your Water Level

A variety of things can make the water level drop. Droughts might leave your well struggling under increased strain. Or perhaps a lowered water table makes it difficult to pull water. Well experts set your well’s flow rate according to the water level. When there’s a discrepancy, your pump won’t know it’s okay to turn off without someone correcting the flow rate. There doesn’t even have to be anything wrong with your pump or your well for this to happen. The water table is one of those things that is subject to the whims of nature, so if your pump is continuously running to find water, it’s time to call a professional.

Your Well May Be Damaged

If your well springs a leak – rare, but it does happen – you will need professional repairs, or water will continue to seep into the soil and need to be drawn back into the well, where the cycle repeats until your pump breaks down. Your pump may already be broken at this point. However, everything mechanical eventually does need replacement anyway, including your well pump.

The wear and tear of regular operation can be enough to break even the hardiest pumps, and when this happens, it won’t be able to create enough pressure to get the water up into your home. Of course, the problem could also be a system attached to your pump, such as the control switch. These switches can wear down. They can also be clogged or dirty, but more commonly, they can simply be set incorrectly. If your control switch is telling your pump to reach a level of pressure above its specifications, it will never be able to reach it and will continue to run until it burns out. If you’re going to attempt to clean or service your control switch yourself, always remember to cut power to the system before removing any paneling to avoid electric shock. This is one situation that is best to leave to the pros.

In Conclusion

Your well should last many years, but problems do spring up. While you should try to manage home issues such as faulty appliances or leaking faucets before going further, don’t hesitate to call a professional for anything more than that. You’ll want their help. Call the professionals at American Pump Services the moment you realize something may be amiss with your pump or well. If your pump is continuously running, we’ll get it back in working order with quality customer service and professional care you can count on.