Low water pressure is one of the most frustrating issues any homeowner can ever have to deal with, but well pump repair can be confusing. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to take a shower with low water pressure, struggling to even wash your own hair and body effectively because the water flow just isn’t strong enough to provide the cleaning power you need to rinse out your shampoo or make a proper lather with body washes and soap products.

Trying to do the dishes or fill up pots for cooking purposes with low water pressure is equally annoying, and many homeowners can find that their water pressure slowly or suddenly decreases as time goes by without any real warning. When this happens, it’s a sign that your water well might have a real and serious problem and well repairs may be in order.

The Causes Of Low Water Pressure With Water Wells

For well owners there are a few things that cause a drop in water pressure:

A High Rate Of Usage

Lower water pressure may simply be caused due to the fact that your household’s rate of water usage is getting too high for the water pump you have to support. Different pumps and wells offer different flow rates, and not all models can cope with very high water usage households.

Faults and Failures

All kinds of little faults or mechanical problems might be to blame for your reduced water pressure. Examples include a leaky well or a broken well pump, but you might also find that corroded or clogged pipes could be causing your lower water pressure problems too.

Droughts or Groundwater Interference

It’s very rare for wells to ‘dry up’ or not have enough water for a household, but in some rare situations, you might find that the water pressure in your own home starts to go down due to a drought in the area or even possible groundwater interference from seismic activity or major construction in the local area.

The Solutions For Low Water Pressure With Water Wells

If your household is struggling with low water pressure, professional repair and well maintenance teams will be able to help. The solutions they employ will vary depending on what the cause of the problem is. If your household’s water usage is too high, for example, you may need to upgrade to a stronger pump. Homeowners learning smart water saving techniques may also help.

If your water pump has suffered a fault or failure of some kind, professionals will be able to identify and repair the damage. Low water pressure can be caused by a lot of different mechanical faults and flaws. Well maintenance companies use different solutions depending on the pump. Homeowners should focus on finding a company that they can trust.