Drinking water is often a carrier of many pollutants and pathogens that can be detrimental to your health. While public water supplies receive a number of treatments that are used to protect against these factors, wells are not given the same attention. So homeowners who are tapping into a well are responsible for their own water supply. The problem is that most people do not monitor their well water, assuming that it’s the safest form of water available. However, well water might not be as safe as you might think. It can contain a great number of potential health contaminants.

Private wells are contaminated by a number of different sources and human activities. These are all common contaminants and their potential impact on your health.


washing handsThis category includes several bacteria, viruses, and parasites. They are found everywhere and can make their way into our water supply without us ever knowing it. Individuals who drink water that is contaminated with these microorganisms experience gastrointestinal illnesses. Water that runs off from rain or snow can contaminate wells, as can leakage of waste from underground septic fields.


This chemical is found in chemical fertilizers, human waste, and animal waste. This will contaminate wells through underground movement and water run-off. Nitrate that is consumed through drinking water can lead to methemoglobinemia, better known as “blue baby syndrome.” Infants who drink water with nitrate in it can actually die, which is why it’s so important for you to test your water when you have a new baby.

Heavy Metals

These can leak down into your drinking water from a number of different sources including service lines, mining in your area, and even natural mineral deposits. There are a lot of different types of heavy metals that can enter your well water supply. These heavy metals can enter well water through surface water seepage or by groundwater movement. There are a wide range of dangers that are posed by the consumption of heavy metals. Chronic toxicity, liver, and kidney damage are all issues that have been linked to heavy metals in drinking water.

Organic Chemicals

Chemicals are found in a lot of different household products and are used widely in agriculture. Organic chemicals are commonly found in ink, dyes, sealants, and disinfectants. People that ingest too much of this compound are at risk of damaging their kidneys, liver, and reproductive system.


This one is quite scary and is extremely harmful to humans. Radionuclides are released by uranium mining, coal mining, and the production of nuclear power. This dangerous element can find its way into your well-water drinking supply and put you and your family at huge risk.

Protect your Well-Water Today!

You need to test your well water annually and make sure that what you’re drinking is not harming your family. Hire a professional to get the best results.

We recommend that you test your water supply annually using a professional.