If you source your water from your own private well, you are responsible for water quality and cleanliness. Well owners need to be ready to take on this responsibility. It is best that they have the number of trusted well experts to call out for testing, repairs, and maintenance. If you start to see any of the following signs, it’s definitely time to get your water tested.  These issues may also mean you need to consider buying a filter, softener, or other piece of equipment.

Soap Scum or Difficulty Making a Lather

If you mix water and soap and find that it’s hard to make up any kind of bubbles or lather, or you start to notice soap scum building up around sinks and other areas, this may be a sign of hard water, which can be greatly improved with a filter or softener.

Unpleasant Flavor or Smell

In many cases, the water you get direct from the ground has gone through a powerful natural purifying process and is filled with minerals, offering a lot of health benefits and a great taste. Sometimes, however, the taste or smell of the water may seem a little off or not particularly fresh. This may be due to various metals, hard water, or certain chemicals.

Unclear or Dirty Water

If the water coming out of your faucets is frothy, discolored, or otherwise visually strange, it’s definitely time to get it checked out. Irregular-looking water could be caused by a variety of issues, ranging from pipe corrosion to sediment building up.


If any members of your family start to get ill, it’s possible that your well water is contaminated with bacteria. This illness can present in a number of ways. Most commonly is a rash or irritation on the skin, this often combines with upset stomachs. This could be due to damage to your well cap or a variety of other issues. A thorough, professional water check and well cleaning can solve the problem.

Unclean Laundry

Have you noticed that your washing machine just isn’t performing as well as it once did? Perhaps your clothes just aren’t coming out as clean and clear as they used to? This may be due to hard water issues, or it could be caused to metals and tannins in the water too. Either way, a professional check can help.

Some well owners might be tempted to do water testing by themselves, and there are ways to do this, but the best and safest option is always to trust the professionals. It’s always wise to get a truly professional, expert opinion, especially in regard to something as important as the water you and your family drink each day.