Why is My Well Sputtering?

How many Americans do you think use a well? It can’t be much, right? But, as a matter of fact, millions and millions of Americans get their water from a private water well system. Some figures have the number as high as a quarter of all properties, while others are closer to 15%. If you happen to be one of these people, chances are you’ve read a few of our articles and have a pretty solid grasp of how your well functions. But, unfortunately, there’s also a solid chance that your well isn’t in perfect shape just yet, and you’re noticing a couple of problems.

What’s it mean if water sputters or spurts out of your pump or tap? That’s a sputtering well, and there are a few things to know about this phenomenon.

Why Are My Taps Sputtering?

If the water spits out of your faucet when you turn it on, it might return to normal before long after a few more sputters. If not, it could continue to gush out of your faucet in forceful spurts, sometimes enough to rattle a pipe or two. Your water is sputtering. You need to understand the reason it’s doing this. As you might suspect, this is caused by air in your system. When a well water system is functioning correctly, water comes out in a smooth stream, as you’d expect. Air bubbles interrupt this stream and cause a temporary gap in pressure that causes the water to speed out and come out faster.

In general, there are two ways air can get into your private well water system: There could be a break in the tube just above your pump, or your pump itself is malfunctioning and letting air into your well water system when it shouldn’t be doing that.

How Can I Fix This?

We’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is that this isn’t something a homeowner can fix on their own – That includes you, no matter how handy you might be. There are too many potential spots for a break to occur and too many complicating problems that can arise if you try to fix the issue yourself. Even getting at the source of the problem can be expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous.

The good news is that certified contractors can be brought in to inspect your pump and figure out the source of the problem. Usually, they’ll have to take out the entire pump to see what’s going on. This also applies to other problems that can be very complex – Such as bad tasting water. It can be hard or impossible to figure out if the problem is harmless sediment and sand or bacteria that’s made a home out of your well water system. If bacteria does get in, how can you know that it’s harmless or dangerous? The most reliable way is by contacting a professional.

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At American Pump Services, we have the expertise needed to remove your pump, find the problem, build a repair or replacement plan that fits you and your individual situation, and then set that plan into motion. We’ll get your water flowing freely again, whether you have sputtering water, smelly water, or any other well water-related problem!