When we think of water, we think of health. However, water can contain a number of impurities that endanger that health. Microscopic organisms and bacteria can put you at serious risk. While your utility company does its best to purify the water supply, there are just so many things that can happen by the time it comes from their filtering process into your home. It’s up to you to ensure that your family’s health and safety come first by removing impurities.

In short, water filtration systems are extremely important to the health of your entire family. Here’s why.

Filters Remove Sediment

Water purification systems will remove leaves and other sediment from water. We might not realize it, but sometimes leaf particles can contaminate water after it has been purified by the local utility company. Dirt and clay particles can also find their way into the water. All of these will cause the taste of your water to suffer and can contain dangerous bacteria.

Purification Systems Reduce Unwanted Minerals

chandler water filterOkay so iron, calcium, and manganese are not exactly dangerous to our health but they cause drinking water to taste horrible. Plus, then can leave behind stains on clothing when water used to wash them contain these minerals. Furthermore, these minerals can accumulate in your pipes and will gradually reduce water pressure, leading to plumbing issues.

Filters will Remove Harmful Bacteria

This is the most important reason to filter your water. You do not want to deal with these harmful parasites and other bacteria that can find its way into the water supply. Some of the more common bacteria are Giardiasis and Giardia Intenstinalis, both can survive in a harsh environment for months. Also, Cryptosporidium is resistant to chlorine so it must be manually filtered out using home purification systems.

Filters Lower Chlorine

Most local utility companies use chlorine to treat public drinking water because it is the most affordable method of treating large amounts of water. Plus it will kill most bacteria found in water. However, chlorine can make drinking water taste bad. It’s also known to combine with certain minerals to form compounds that can be hazardous to your health. Carbon filters can be used to remove this chemical from your drinking water.

Purifying Water Removes Lead

Lead can become quite toxic when it’s ingested so you need to make sure all traces of it are removed from your water supply. Old plumbing is the largest cause of lead seeping into your water. It can be removed by using an osmosis, distillation, or a carbon filter. I recommend the latter since it also removes chlorine. If you are using private well water, then you should have it tested at least once a year for lead.

Filters Remove Pesticides and Other Harmful Chemicals

Finally, we come to another extremely harmful problem that will seep into our water supply. Earlier in the 20th century, we saw pesticides being used that were heavy in dangerous metals. While that problem has been greatly reduced through the use of organic pesticides, it’s still a good practice to use a carbon filter to make sure that these harmful chemicals are removed from your drinking water.

It’s also essential that you test your home’s purification system on a regular basis.