Here’s the scenario. You have just moved into a new home. You’ve unpacked and gotten all settled in but then you notice that something is not quite right. You wash your first load of clothes and notice rusty stains. Or you notice that your dishes have streaks when you remove them from the dishwasher. It’s not hard to deduce that the problem is coming from the water supply.

Hard water can become quite problematic, especially for those unfamiliar with it. Solving these problems will improve your quality of life, but you have to be able to see the signs.

Does Your Water Look or Smell Unusual

If your water has a strange odor, then it’s the first sign that you have something wrong. You are either dealing with hard water, Iron, Hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), or some form of bacteria. It’s important that you test it immediately, especially if it smells like rotten eggs or has material floating in it. While hard water is an inconvenience, bacteria can lead to severe health problems. You can buy a testing kit to test it immediately but we also recommend you call in a professional.

Are you Finding Strange Stains Everywhere?

happy familyIf you are finding rusty stains on your clothing or on household appliances, then you are dealing with a hard water problem. These can be downright embarrassing. Rings on the inside of the toilet or tub are the most common visible signs. If there is iron in your water, then that can actually be coming from pipes or the water supply if you are on a drilled well. While you can scrub these stains clean, they will be coming back until you address the underlying problem.

Do you Constantly Have to Clean up Soap Scum?

Hard water spots look a lot like soap scum. This is the result of water evaporating and leaving calcium deposits in its wake. Nasty soap scum will accumulate in random locations when you are dealing with hard water problems. That is mostly because soap and minerals combines to have an unfortunate reaction.

Your dishes might also have strange looking spots and your shower will have a buildup of soap scum.

Does your Shower Experience Suffer?

Showering is a time when you are supposed to be able to wash away all of your troubles, both figuratively and literally. But when you are dealing with hard water, that sacred time can be ruined. Minerals in hard water react poorly to soap, making it much more difficult to lather when you shower. It will also leave a soapy residue on your body.  Hard water can even cause you to have a bad hair day. Minerals can even accumulate in the shower head itself, causing you to randomly lose pressure.

Are your Pipes Clogging Easily?

Showerheads are not going to be the only thing clogged if you’re dealing with a hard water problem. It will eventually cause severe and expensive plumbing problems. Scale-like minerals will accumulate on the inside of your drains. They will also clog valves, water heaters, and all water related appliances. At first, you’ll experience minor inconveniences but the problem will only get worse until the issue is addressed.

 We have solutions!

Fortunately we have solutions to all these water challenges! We offer the best products in the industry to deal with the common and uncommon water related issues. Contact us anytime to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.