If you are still logging cases of water from the supermarket to your home, then you need to read this post. Not only are you adding money onto your grocery bill, you are not getting the purest form of water possible. The reality is that beverage companies have spent billions of dollars to make you believe that bottled water is the best option, but the reality paints a much different story. Homes with purification systems in place putout water than is not only safer than bottled water, but it’s also much more budget friendly.

Water Purification Systems are More Sustainable

Very few plastic water bottles are even recycled. With society throwing away so many bottles every day, it’s impossible to sustain this forever. Did you know that only 23% of plastic water bottles are even recycled? The rest are taken to the closest landfill. The bottling process also emits a ton of carbon dioxide into the environment. All of which is bad on the environment.

Residential Water Purification Puts out Water that is Cleaner than Bottled Water

You read that correctly. This study shows that bottled water is not as clean as you might think. It is loaded with plastic byproducts that are quite unhealthy. In fact, the study even found plastic bottles to contain fertilizer. Also, it’s a well-known fact that many plastic bottles are created using Bisphenol-A, which is a carbon-based chemical.

Filtration is More Budget-Friendly

Americans spend over $1 per gallon on bottled water every year so when you factor in the fact that tap water costs less than a penny per gallon, then bottle water is costing us more than 100 times the cost of tap water. Yes, a water filtration system does cost money to install and maintenance, but it’s not nearly as much as bottled water. You’ll be looking at approximately $0.15 per gallon, which is still way cheaper. Plus it’s safer.

Home Water Filtration is Easy to Use and Very Low Maintenance

Faucet mounted filters are extremely easy to install and maintenance. All that’s required is to replace the filter every month or two. You can also buy pitcher filters that work based on the same principle. These are both extremely affordable and easy to maintenance. There are even more expensive models that only require the filter to be replaces once per year.

There are also home filtration systems that are installed directly into the plumbing. These are more expensive but protect against more contaminants. They are also very low maintenance, requiring only a yearly inspection and occasional filter changes.

Filtered Tap Water Tastes Way Better than Bottled Water

There is absolutely no way to get rid of all the plastic taste from bottled water, no matter how much it’s treated. Then you are using a home filtration system, you are getting much fresher and cleaner water. You will be able to taste the difference. Better water for a fraction of the cost. That should be an easy choice to make.